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6/18/2022 – PLS will be out Monday 20th and 21st 

PLS will be out to fix the area at the intersection of 91st Ave and 39th.  

Other areas will be address over the months ahead specifically before sealcoating in 12-18 months.  


5/31/2022 – Update from Paul C. on roads, status, divots – please read

(note Gate Pros will be out next week per a response email from them)

Link: click here


5/26/2022 – Update from Paul C. on roads, status, divots – please read


5/24/2022 – Quick video: section 5 same day…how and mindfulness with turning and changing directions on paving.

5/23 – Paving Update Latest from Paul C.

****. Latest notes, schedule and maps – click here ****

5/22 Paving Update Latest from Chris

just a reminder, according to Fridays update due to weather then, PLS will be sending two crews out tomorrow so paving is planned for section 2 and 3 tomorrow.

Please plan parking accordingly as cars will be towed as necessary in street, plus in and out access to driveways is not available during paving and until dry.  

please do not drive around cones or drive on new asphalt until the cones are removed.  Likely around 8pm.

5/21 – Paving Update Latest from Chris B.

Irrigation system turned back on this morning.  Please call 941-730-4677 if there is anything that is broken / malfunctioning.  Planning on turning the sytem back off Sunday night / Monday morning (early).

5/20 #2 – Paving Update Latest from Paul C.

We will plan on 2 & 3 for Monday. 

**** 5/19  update – just look at maps ***. (schedule not updated with new dates yet)

5/20 – Paving Update Latest from Paul C.

Paving cancelled due to inclement weather, resume Monday

5/19 – Paving Update Latest from Paul C.

****. Latest notes, schedule and maps – click here ****


5/18 – Paving Update Latest from Paul C.

****. Latest notes, schedule and maps – click here ****


5/15 – Paving Update Latest from Paul C.

****. Latest notes, schedule and maps – click here ****


5/15 Irrigation will be looked at by American Irrigation on Monday hopefully, Tuesday latest

We will be ready to go hopefully Saturday and Sunday 21st and 22nd for watering using normal irrigation during weekends.  

Note…you can manually water even during the week if you desire using a hose, sprinkler etc.

Again – sorry for the inconvenience.  I was hoping to water too this weekend.  


5/14 irrigation

Terribly sorry about this, I turned the irrigation back on but it’s not working.

I am checking into the problem.

The “Aqua Drive” box is off (display/buttons) and I am not sure why.   We don’t mess around with this box.  

It is always on.  This box allows the setting selected by the key and the timer, which we do access, to function. 

I have a call out to Paul to get to the bottom of this.

Again sorry for the inconvenience folks as I am going through this crazy with you.  


REPORT DATE PROJECT – May 13, 2022 Paving Project Paul Colella





—————–    PLEASE SEE ABOVE ——-   ARCHIVED BELOW LINE —————————-


May 10, 2022 Paving Project Paul Colella


Owner issues and concerns, Please contact Lighthouse Property Management . Contact information below. Paul Colella 941-460-5560×411 Email [email protected] OR
Jessica Murray 941-460-5560 x610 Email
[email protected]
Please direct all inquiries to the above and not the contractor’s staff onsite. Thank you


• Project paving got underway with PLS the contractor arriving onsite and setting up traffic cones for direction and marking sewer manholes on the road surface.
• The gates will remain open until sensors are installed back in the new paved area.
• The milling machine started at the front entrance off HWY 301 and will complete section 1
as listed on the map provided and enclosed below.
• All cars were successfully removed from the street area.
• Please relocate vehicles from the street in the sections specified daily by 7am. Section 2 will
be milled Wednesday. Please remove vehicles from street in section 2.
• Please review the website for updates.
• Typical paving operations 7-5pm.
• Overnight street parking is permitted in sections not coned off. Please remove vehicles by
• Trash and postal services may be interrupted in sections undergoing paving work




We know that you will be happy about the news that Parking Lot Services will be performing (mix&mill/grading/paving) on the above-mentioned property. These improvements will provide a fresh new look to your parking lots, roadways which all of you will be proud of.

To provide this quality service to you, it will require blocking off the work areas during the following days (Weather Permitting):

Note:  grading for red will be at the same time as orange!!!!


Unfortunately, any vehicle in the blocked off areas after 8:00 A.M. on the above-mentioned dates, may require towing at the owner’s expense. With your cooperation, we don’t foresee this situation occurring.

Parking Lot Services cannot be responsible for damage to cars parked within a 50-foot radius of the barricaded area. Parking Lot Services is not responsible for damages and/or injuries arising from people and/or vehicles entering barricaded areas. Parking Lot Services is not responsible for liability arising from barricades being removed by others.

We will complete the work as soon as possible, subject to weather conditions. If the schedule changes, you will receive new notices with the new date.

Thank you for your cooperation. We know you will be pleased with the results!

Phase 1 – Mix and Mill
(dust will cover everything)

Phase 2 – Grading

Phase 3 – Asphalt Paving

PAVING UPDATE AS OF 5/3/2022 – 10AM.

From Paul at Lighthouse….
Good morning, just back in town this morning, I have been on the phone with PLS and have nailed down a new start date  Tuesday May 10, 2022. I have been reviewing with them a plan of production to include the mix/mill , grading and paving of sections to minimize the time of exposed compacted material to afternoon rains. I hope to have a revised schedule and timelines late this afternoon or tomorrow to post to the website and mail to owners. Once I have the schedule I will also contact engineering and vendors. Please distribute to the Board. Thank you.



Paul Colella, CAM

Project Manager

Lighthouse Property Management
a Division of RealManage, LLC

4134 Gulf of Mexico Dr., Ste. 203| Longboat Key Office

Longboat Key, Florida 34228


P: (941) 460-5560 ext. 411

E: [email protected]

Paving Project – March 30, 2022


OWNERS NOTIFICATION: Owners will be provided a map and sequence schedule once available. The project will be done in three phases. Phase 1: Mix and Mill starting at the rear of the property will begin with 4 days of mix and milling all areas of the community working towards the front gate. Phase 2: Grading/Compacting will begin the next 20 days. The last phase, Phase 3: Paving, will be installing asphalt paving for five days. Following up in 2 weeks with striping.

Please review items listed below that require owner cooperation
• Owners will likely be able to use driveway parking during the Phase 1 and Phase 2, mix and mill, and grading and compacting process.
• Phase 3- During the asphalt paving, vehicles will need to be relocated to another area, to allow the mobility of coming and going.
• It is anticipated that no weekend work will be conducted.
• Owners are requested to reference the schedule when provided in rescheduling or limiting the following items for example:
❖ Home services, lawn cutting, fertilization, irrigation, pest control, power washing, remodeling.
❖ Limit deliveries appliances, furniture, UPS, FEDEX, Amazon
❖ Coordinate medical needs, dialysis, senior care etc.
❖ Provide manual watering to your lawn & Landscape.
❖ Trash pickup may be disrupted. Please place trash bins on driveways not the street, if they are not picked up, please remove them until the next trash day.
❖ Mail drop-off may also be disrupted; the carrier may skip your delivery due to access one day.
❖ Dust & Dirt is expected on vehicles and homes as the roadway will be similar to a dirt road during the first 3 weeks prior to paving.

Owners are requested to contact Lighthouse project management with their concerns [email protected] 941-460-5560 x411 or [email protected] 941-460-5560 x 610 LIGHTHOUSE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT 460 N TAMIAMI TRL OSPREY FL 34229 PHONE: 941-460-5560 EXT. 411 PROJECT MANAGEMENT UPDATE

Paving Project Appeal Letter – January 27, 2022


Hello Neighbor,

I want to ask your household’s commitment to support the (1) $388,192 paving project which will require a (2) $250 per home assessment.    Both votes will require a 2/3s majority vote either in person or by proxy at our next HOA meeting scheduled for February 10th, 2022. 

As you can see, our roads not only look terrible, bringing down our home values significantly, but structurally need our urgent attention as they are getting worse by the day.  I also don’t have to tell you that costs are going up, meaning the longer we wait the more expensive our roads are going to be to replace with no additional increase in value due to waiting.

Previous HOA board officers have done an amazing job preparing for financing this project by investing about $1,750 per month into an account specifically assigned for road replacement and that fund has been accruing cash in the amount of $223,998 at the beginning of Q1 2022.

Additional budget reserve accounts totaling $108,195 can also be used for funding this project bringing us up to $332,721.  Additional documentation follows to help show this in more detail.

The remaining $56,000 is the amount we will have to assess if we are to get this project done.  This equates to a $250 per home assessment across our 224 residences.  To ease the burden on the homeowners, payments for this will be broken up in Q2 and Q3 invoicing periods.

What if paving and $250 assessment pass?

New Roads starting in March!

  • We see an immediate lift in home values (way more than $250 of value, it’s an asset!)
  • Easier to sell your home (…at a better price, not that we want you to move LOL)
  • Entire community just looks better because it’s maintained and taken care of properly
  • Roads will be contracted before the April price increase. We all know costs are on the rise.
  • No terrible looking patches
  • Safer! As we will have speed bumps to help manage speed throughout our community
  • Roads done right with proper maintenance, including seal coating after year one and every five years after that, will last 20-30 years.

What if this vote fails?

This boils down to a “pay me now or pay me later” – if this vote fails, we will…

  • See big, maybe massive, increases in costs to get this required project done.
  • Wait 2 years and 10 months minimum to fully fund the project assuming costs only go up 10%. By that time, our roads will likely require even more extensive repair because of additional foundation degradation.
  • Additional cost having to fill our potholes at a cost roughly $1,000-$3,000 per year; again adding no additional long term value and just making our roads look broken and old.
  • We may be forced into getting our roads done where a loan could be obtained but require additional financial waste in terms of interest on the loan; essentially costing us all more money.

Although no one wants an assessment, I want to plea for your “yes” vote at the meeting on February 10th or via proxy to pass this paving project and the $250 per household assessment by the necessary 2/3rds margin. 

Chris Bernard
President Creekside Preserve HOA

Please watch the video as it provides even a little more depth (pun intented) on this paving and assessment. 

Click Image to Get Paving Proxy

Reminder we need 2/3 of the ENTIRE COMMUNITY to get paving done.


End of Year 2021 financials (reserve accounts)